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Book Pages: 172 - Publish Date: 2010-01-05 - Publisher: Oxford University Press
Description: This book places juvenile risk assessment within the context of FMHA for juveniles, so those using it will find it particularly useful to incorporate into their evaluations of risk and needs for adolescents in the juvenile justice system. In making recommendations for best practice, authors consider empirical support, legal relevance, and consistency with ethical and professional standards.
Author(s): Robert Hoge
Book Pages: 304 - Publish Date: 2013-08-20 - Publisher: Hachette UK
Description: The unique and inspiring story of a boy born with the odds against him and the family whose love and support helped him overcome incredible hardships. Robert Hoge was born with a giant tumour on his forehead, severely distorted facial features and legs that were twisted and useless. His mother refused to look at her son, let alone bring him home. But home he went, to a life that, against the odds,...
Book Pages: 139 - Publish Date: 2013-06-29 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Description: Our society's preoccupation with crime and fear of crime appears to have shifted its focus to the juvenile offender. Both electronic and print media continuously warn us that juvenile offenders are increasingly younger and more virulent. The demographics of our population suggest that there will only be more juvenile offenders to fear in the near future. All of these concerns arise in a social cli...
Author(s): Robert D. Hoge
Book Pages: 436 - Publish Date: 2012-12-06 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Description: This book provides a discussion ofadvances in our understanding of the juvenile offender. These derive from psychological and criminological theoryand researchonthe phenomenonofyouth crime and from efforts on the part of social science researchers and practitioners to develop and evaluate new approaches to prevention and treatment. The theoretical and empirical advances relate, first, to analyses ...
Book Pages: Unknown - Publish Date: 2014-12-02 - Publisher: Unknown
Description: This project takes the personal and intimate craft of memoir and turns it over to the cut-and-paste transformation of remix culture combined with a hint of old-fashioned parlour games.Five writers have written a short piece of memoir, a vignette. Each work is passed onto another author within the group, tasked with transforming the piece into something else. In the background, if:book tracks the changes. The newly minted remix is passed along again and so on until each of the pieces have passed through all five authors.It's called Lost in Track Changes.
Author(s): Robert D. Hoge
Book Pages: 328 - Publish Date: 1999-03-01 - Publisher: Routledge
Description: Adolescence is a distinct period of development that presents a number of special challenges. This fact has important implications for professionals selecting and administering assessment procedures and interpreting the data they yield, yet assessment texts have focused on adults or children and devoted minimal attention to adolescents. This book constitutes the first up-to-date and practical guid...
Book Pages: 431 - Publish Date: 1889 - Publisher: Unknown
Description: None
Book Pages: Unknown - Publish Date: 1899 - Publisher: Unknown
Description: None