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Author(s): Rudyard Kipling
Book Pages: 168 - Publish Date: 2001-01-01 - Publisher: House of Stratus
Description: Rudyard Kipling here turns his hand to the canine world. Each delightful story centres around a particular dog - whether 'Toby Dog', - 'The Black Aberdeen', or 'A Sea Dog' - and reveals the creature's relation to his human counterpart. The works demonstrate once again Kipling's remarkable skill at delighting adults and children alike.
Author(s): Rudyard Kipling
Book Pages: 505 - Publish Date: 1956 - Publisher: Unknown
Description: The two-volume selection includes the text of Kim and the Jungle Book collection
Author(s): Rudyard Kipling
Book Pages: 844 - Publish Date: 1994-01 - Publisher: Wordsworth Editions
Description: Introduction and Notes by R.T. Jones, Honorary Fellow of the University of York. This edition of the poetry of Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) includes all the poems contained in the Definitive Edition of 1940. In his lifetime, Kipling was widely regarded as the unofficial Poet Laureate, and he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907. His poetry is striking for its many rhythms and popular ...
Author(s): Rudyard Kipling
Book Pages: 96 - Publish Date: 2011-02-15 - Publisher: Penguin UK
Description: 'Of a sudden I realized that he was in the grip of some almost overpowering fear.' Rudyard Kipling is best known for his novels and poetry, but his short stories reveal a far more sinister and macabre side to his imagination. In these three chilling and psychologically penetrating tales, Kipling portrays hauntings, loss, madness, terrible secrets and the darkness that lies within the human heart. This book includes 'They', Mary Postgate and The Gardener.
Author(s): Rudyard Kipling
Book Pages: 328 - Publish Date: 2007-09-01 - Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
Description: Selections from speeches and addresses delivered by Rudyard Kipling.
Book Pages: 610 - Publish Date: 1990 - Publisher: University of Iowa Press
Description: The most popular author of his day and a paradox who was both an assertive British imperialist and a man of sensitivity and wide reading, Rudyard Kipling is best remembered now as the author of The Jungle Book, the Just-So Stories, and Kim. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907--the first Englishman to receive this prize. Fully annotated, volumes 5 and 6 conclude the publication of Kipling...
Book Pages: 294 - Publish Date: 1991-06-28 - Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Description: Rudyard Kipling's autobiography, Something of Myself, was the author's last work, but it has not received the serious attention it deserves. Thomas Pinney's edition of the work, supplemented by other autobiographical pieces, aims to change that. Professor Pinney, a leading textual editor currently engaged on Kipling's letters, has consulted the available source material relating to Something of My...
Author(s): Rudyard Kipling
Book Pages: 218 - Publish Date: 2013-04-16 - Publisher: Read Books Ltd
Description: Animal Stories – by Rudyard Kipling features some of the best-loved animal tales of all time. ‘The Camel’s Hump’, ‘The Cat That Walked By Himself’ and ‘The White Seal’ are just some of the enchanting tales collected together in Animal Stories, which includes that most remarkable and endearing creation ‘Rikki-tikki-tavi’. Originally intended for children, these imaginative and i...
Author(s): Rudyard Kipling
Book Pages: 432 - Publish Date: 2011-05-05 - Publisher: Penguin UK
Description: Kipling's epic rendition of the imperial experience in India is also his greatest long work. Two men - Kim, a boy growing into early manhood, and the lama, an old ascetic priest - are fired by a quest. Kim is white, although born in India. While he wants to play the Great Game of imperialism, he is also spiritually bound to the lama and he tries to reconcile these opposing strands. A celebration o...
Author(s): Rudyard Kipling
Book Pages: 116 - Publish Date: 2005-01-01 - Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
Description: You must not, you cannot cross Old Court House Street without looking carefully to see that you stand no chance of being run over. This is beautiful.... It means business, it means money-making, it means crowded and hurrying life... -from "City of the Dreadful Night" Though he achieved lasting fame with his children's tale The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling left us with a vast array of writing that ...