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Book Pages: 175 - Publish Date: 2012-01-05 - Publisher: 株式会社 技術評論社
Description: 「いつも面倒だなぁ」「もっとラクできないの?」― そう思いつつ,「とりあえず使えるから」と昔のやり方で遠回りしていませんか? 「ラクに生産性を高めるワザ」「直しに強いデータの作り方」「使い回しと一括反映の方法」など,今どきのイラレ使いの新常識とテクニックをお教えします。作業...
Author(s): 伊庭 斉志
Book Pages: 244 - Publish Date: 2017-05-25 - Publisher: 株式会社 オーム社
Description: 人工知能のための創発・進化のシミュレーションが体験できる!! 本書は、進化計算をもとにした複雑系シミュレーションの理論とその応用を解説します。本書を通して、複雑系と創発の基礎的な考え方を学ぶとともに、その考えを読者自らが人工知能に応用できるようになることを最終的な目的と...
Author(s): 小高 知宏
Book Pages: 208 - Publish Date: 2017-10-20 - Publisher: 株式会社 オーム社
Description: 人工知能研究における諸分野を、C 言語による具体的な処理手続きやプログラム例によりやさしく解説する!! 強化学習は、一連の行動の結果だけから行動知識を学習する手法です。 本書では、この強化学習と深層学習の基礎を紹介した上で、深層強化学習のしくみを具体的に説明します。単に概念...
Book Pages: 1436 - Publish Date: 2005-01 - Publisher: Prentice Hall
Description: For Introduction to Programming (CS1) and other more intermediate courses covering programming in C++, this text is aimed at readers with little or no programming experience. It teaches programming by presenting the concepts in the context of full working programs. The fifth edition reflects suggested improvements.
Book Pages: 360 - Publish Date: 2006-03-20 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Description: Scheduling and multicriteria optimisation theory have been subject, separately, to numerous studies. Since the last twenty years, multicriteria scheduling problems have been subject to a growing interest. However, a gap between multicriteria scheduling approaches and multicriteria optimisation field exits. This book is an attempt to collect the elementary of multicriteria optimisation theory and t...
Author(s): Karl Steinbuch
Book Pages: 253 - Publish Date: 2013-03-08 - Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Description: Die Fähigkeiten moderner Automaten sprengen die Grenze dessen, was einst für "mechanische" Gebilde als möglich erachtet wurde. Ihre Eigenschaften werden beschrieben in Kategorien, die bisher den Menschen vorbehalten waren, z. B. logische Verknüpfung, Zei chenerkennung, Gedächtnis, Lernen. Der Mensch ist für uns das "unbekannte Wesen" [20. 7]. Unsere Einsicht in die Funktion unseres Denksyste...
Author(s): Serge Vaudenay
Book Pages: 336 - Publish Date: 2006-01-20 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Description: A Classical Introduction to Cryptography: Applications for Communications Security introduces fundamentals of information and communication security by providing appropriate mathematical concepts to prove or break the security of cryptographic schemes. This advanced-level textbook covers conventional cryptographic primitives and cryptanalysis of these primitives; basic algebra and number theory fo...
Author(s): Kenneth P. Bowman
Book Pages: 286 - Publish Date: 2006 - Publisher: Academic Press
Description: Ideal for those with no programming experience.
Author(s): Marc Lankhorst
Book Pages: 352 - Publish Date: 2009-07-15 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Description: An enterprise architecture tries to describe and control an organisation’s structure, processes, applications, systems and techniques in an integrated way. The unambiguous specification and description of components and their relationships in such an architecture requires a coherent architecture modelling language. Lankhorst and his co-authors present such an enterprise modelling language that c...
Book Pages: 220 - Publish Date: 2009 - Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Description: This book examines how the Internet can improve public communications and enrich democracy.