Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Unleashed is the newest version of the best-selling SharePoint Unleashed series by Michael Noel and Colin Spence. Once again, Noel and Spence deliver comprehensive, real-world coverage of everything you need to know to successfully design, implement, configure and use SharePoint 2013 solutions. Leveraging their experience with hundreds of companies of all sizes and from many different industries, Noel and Spence present best practices and expert implementation and configuration methodologies, and focus on the features and tools that provide the most value to busy professionals. This edition adds comprehensive coverage of SharePoint 2013's most valuable and productive new features, including:

  • Using PowerShell automation to ...
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Publisher(s): Pearson Education
Publish Date: 2013-03-31
Book Pages: 1008
Industry Identifier: ISBN_10: 0672337339
Subjects: Computers / Client-Server Computing
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Height: 23.10 cm
Width: 18.00 cm
Thickness: 5.20 cm
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