This bestselling guide to Microsoft Word is the first andlast word on Word 2013

It's a whole new Word, so jump right into this book and learnhow to make the most of it. Bestselling For Dummies authorDan Gookin puts his usual fun and friendly candor back to work toshow you how to navigate the new features of Word 2013. Completelyin tune with the needs of the beginning user, Gookin explains howto use Word 2013 quickly and efficiently so that you can spend moretime working on your projects and less time trying to figure it allout.

  • Walks you through the capabilities of Word 2013 withoutweighing you down with unnecessary technical jargon
  • Deciphers the user interface and shows you how to takeadvantage of the file formats
  • Covers editing documents,...
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Publisher(s): John Wiley & Sons
Publish Date: 2013-02-08
Book Pages: 408
Industry Identifier: ISBN_10: 1118491300
Subjects: Computers / Desktop Applications / Word Processing • Computers / Software Development & Engineering / General
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