The bestselling Excel book - completely updated for Excel 2013!

As the world's leading spreadsheet application, Excel has an enormous user base. The release of Office 2013 brings major changes to Excel, so Excel For Dummies comes to the rescue once more! Featuring the friendly For Dummies style, this popular guide shows beginners how to get up and running with Excel while also helping more experienced users get comfortable with the newest features.

  • Walks you through the exciting new features of Excel 2013
  • Presents everything you need to know to perform basic Excel 2013 tasks
  • Covers creating and editing worksheets and charts, formatting cells, entering formulas, inserting graphs, designing database forms, and adding database reco...
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Bibliographic Information
Publisher(s): John Wiley & Sons
Publish Date: 2013-01-16
Book Pages: 408
Industry Identifier: ISBN_10: 1118550005
Subjects: Computers / Desktop Applications / Spreadsheets • Computers / Software Development & Engineering / General
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Height: 24.00 cm
Width: Unknown
Thickness: Unknown
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